Space Oddity

I thought it’s time again I picked a video that I really liked.

Cmdr Hadfield was the commander of the International Space Station until a few days ago and seems to be a really interesting character.

Throughout his stay on the ISS he’s been quite interactive in the social networking realm. There is a bunch of videos on YouTube that are interesting to check out, he’s on Twitter with a large number of followers and he seems like a cool dude.

He’s actually singing himself in the video and I don’t really know why, but I truly enjoyed this. Maybe because it’s something that was never done before, no special effects here, he’s doing something he clearly loves and he’s putting his own spin on an iconic song.

I love it, which is why I share it.

Considering that the video had 11 Million views by now, you may have already seen it. It’s worth watching again.



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