Halfway here

It is Golden Hour as I am sitting on the terrace of the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel in Athens. I am still working. I do have a vodka and tonic with me, though. So there’s that. I have to keep working for a little longer, because there’s still plenty to do.

My fellow team leads and my boss are still working as well. Shared pain and all.

This is my last evening in Athens on this trip. Five full days at work, four evenings to spend in whatever way available. I did bring my swim clothes, but I didn’t use them. No time for the pool and now no inclination either.

A little less work wouldn’t have hurt, though.

Yesterday we did make time to go to the Acropolis, at least, which was a nice change. I do like to walk around Plaka, it’s touristy, but it has its own charm, which makes it worthwhile.

When I was back at the Athens office on Monday, with only three weeks of absence, I felt immediately as if I had never left. Everything is familiar, the faces, the running around and being incredibly busy. I don’t know how much time we will be spending in these offices in the future, but I suppose it will always be like this.

Yet, this time I feel as if I am not fully here. Maybe only halfway, because I spend my time either at the office or at the hotel. I do get alone time, though, which is pretty important. And I had an interesting conversation that came from an unexpected place, for which I am ever so grateful.

It is good when someone can surprise you in a positive way. I appreciate that.

I suppose I only feel halfway here, because I’ve not done much other than work. I know it won’t always be like that and I don’t work hours as long when I am in London. But it also feels a bit of a waste of an opportunity.

I am a traveller. I don’t just go somewhere and don’t move. I see things, experience places, go out and be about and only stay at a hostel to spend the night, rest and sleep. I don’t spend many waking hours in a hotel, ever.

It is against my very nature to be in a country other than the one I am currently living in and never spend much time outside. I can measure the time I’ve seen the sun and had it shine on me in minutes.

If ever I do get to apply my work ethics to my actual calling, I will write three novels in a year.

Let’s make that “when I will get to apply my work ethics…”

I wouldn’t do this job, if I wouldn’t consider the experience worth it. I know how to walk away. I’ve done it before. I just get irritated when I have to put up with something that I consider against my nature.

We all do, and sometimes it’s harder than other times. It won’t always be like that, at least, of that I will make sure.

I have very little doubt that I will be back here. We’ll see what happens next time.

I can deal with just about any situation just as long as I get to write and read in between. I’ve had the chance to do both, even if somewhat limited, because weariness will take over eventually, but I didn’t have to steal time as I had to last time when I was here.

And I had those important moments of solitude that I so need to recharge. 


About 2clouds

I am many things, most of them I am 100%, some of them 150%, none of them just half. I write, I read, I dream, I travel. I question. And I'm always looking for answers. No dream is impossible.
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