The Scale of the Universe

Click on the title of this blog to take yourself to a pretty amazing illustration.

I saw this yesterday for the first time and believe it or not, this is pretty much how my imagination works when I try to grasp the size of the universe.

I’m not good at Maths or Physics, but I’m fascinated by both and I’ve read a few books on Quantum Mechanics. Enough to have a broad understanding of this illustration and not feel assaulted by a bunch of words and concepts that mean nothing.

That goes right down to String Theory and up to Astrophysics.

My mind’s eye can see the entire landscape, which you’re likely not going to believe me and probably find unfathomable. You’re not inside my mind so you have no way of knowing.

If you’re interested in sciences, our place in the universe and, of course, philosophy, click through the link and check out the illustration. It’ll blow your mind. It’s as simple as one could make it, but it still conveys the idea, which is all you can really ask for or even attempt to do all things considered.

You may or may not have realized by now that I only share what I consider truly awesome, be it a link, photo, quote, video or whatnot.

This is awesome and appeals to the Geek and Nerd inside of me.

Needless to say that the Philosopher in me feels humbled, but the Writer won’t be stopped by being put into her place in the larger scale of things. Ideas can be bigger than anything else and create entire universes regardless of where we fit inside ours.

You remember E.E. Cummings?

Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.

If you can’t find the way, make one for yourself and see what happens.


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I am many things, most of them I am 100%, some of them 150%, none of them just half. I write, I read, I dream, I travel. I question. And I'm always looking for answers. No dream is impossible.
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