A travelling writer

When I first started travelling, it would’ve been more the other way around, a writing traveller. I am both, but now more of a travelling writer.

Sunday night, returning from Paris, I decided to finally start a travel blog. I could’ve done that many years ago, but never saw the appeal. It was also during my long and drawn out procrastination phase. Do anything but writing.

Yet the writer in me persisted, came pushing forward and bursting through that wall a part of me tried to hide her behind. There are still days when I don’t write, sometimes because I am too tired, sometimes because I don’t think I have anything much to say or I am not ready to continue the pursuit of an idea.

Well, that’ll change now, no doubt.

As of yesterday I have created a travel blog. After doing some research on dedicated travel blog sites, I decided to spawn a new blog off of this one and stick with WordPress. It gives me more creative room. I will incorporate images I made along the way in every single entry. I have 10,000 of them after all and they should find some purpose.

When I created the blog yesterday, I tried a few different templates, not entirely satisfied with the options, but settling on something I find quite appealing. I named the whole thing “Running from safety – A travel journal”.

I find it apt and quite suited to me and my travels and the purpose of the blog. It already contains three entries. I’m going to be very busy catching up on the last seven years, luckily, though, I didn’t travel continuously. I would never be able to catch up.

When I made the decision to just go ahead and do this, I was incredibly excited about it, contrary to previous expectations. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a blog about my travels. It’s not as if nobody else is doing that sort of thing.

But then my writing, my perspective, my whole approach and my travels are unique. Others may have done similar things, but no one has done the same exact thing. I have a voice, I want to use it. And I am not a snapshot photographer either.

I take photography a little more seriously than that and tend to compose my images whenever the object (or subject) allows for it. One of the images of the pyramid entrance to the Louvre turned out really well, because I made an effort. I also got lucky with the angle, but I was really pleased with the result.

So, my images will play a big role.

I find the normal travel blog sites awfully generic and too cluttered. I have a well-known no-nonsense approach and that is true for my blog as well. And it will be read. This one is meant to have an audience. It already had a number of views and likes and it will get followers as well.

It is a purpose built blog after all.

Here my only purpose is writing; I call it my blog of randomness. Sometimes I want to share things I care about, often deeply.

All of a sudden I have a huge amount of work ahead of me and I couldn’t be happier. I became incredibly absorbed in the creation of my new blog yesterday and time just vanished. That’s how it should be. I did something I cared about, something I wanted to get just right and time didn’t matter. I could’ve spent all day working on this.

I went to bed tired, somewhat depleted, but happy and satisfied.

I know, I’m lucky…



About 2clouds

I am many things, most of them I am 100%, some of them 150%, none of them just half. I write, I read, I dream, I travel. I question. And I'm always looking for answers. No dream is impossible.
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