I don’t think I slept very much last night. I did toss and turn a lot, though. I tried to beat my pillows into submission, but they would not relent. Two against one is an uneven fight, I stood no chance.

Surprisingly, I was not tired today. The opposite was true; I had quite a bit of energy, still do and got a lot done at work.

I do wish, though, that I had used my insomnia better than to get into fights with pillows. Having a pillow fight would have been one desirable alternative, but you need a partner for that, or a good friend you can be silly with.

I love to write at night, when the world is quiet and dark, all wrapped up in a blanket and ideas just buzz around. Dreams are awake only during the night and they make a lot more sense than the garbled mess our sleeping brains serve us with.

If I could, I would happily go without sleep five nights a week. I could get so much stuff done. And if I did need to sleep, then maybe three to five hours would be enough without me waking up feeling like a zombie, without the craving for flesh that is.

Had I decided to write instead of willing myself to sleep, I might’ve come up with some useable material, ended up tiring my brain out and actually have fallen asleep a lot sooner than I did. But we know that hindsight is always 20/20 (and I am only using this phrase, because yesterday I finally understood what it meant, given that it’s an English colloquialism and I’m not a native speaker, I may be excused).

On that note I probably should develop better foresight when it comes to writing.

I spent most of this weekend thinking about writing rather than doing much actual writing. I mean, yes, I did sit down to write, but it wasn’t the most productive writing and certainly not the best. But it’s clearly still better than not writing.

I’m debating a daily writing quota, but can’t decide on a feasible numbers. Two hundred words is easy, but also nothing. At least I could achieve it every day. A blog usually has at least 500 words, my travel blog easily gets to a thousand words per entry. Clearly, I can write more than that, but it is also exhausting as long as I can’t write exclusively.

Anyway, what I was trying to figure out was a battle plan. A writing plan, of course. I decided to post alternately on my two main writing blogs. Since I posted on my travel blog yesterday, this one gets its turn today.

I must admit, it is easier to write for my travel blog, because I am recounting past travel and I just need to write down my memories and find some photos to go with it. I don’t need to pull something out of thin air or hope for an idea to saunter by and say hello.

I have also decided to start writing short stories. A, it gives me something to do on a smaller scale and I will have plenty of opportunity to learn. B, I may end up with something that lends itself as a novel. C, I can try a lot of different things without committing to an entire novel.

And what I was I wondering is this: should I publish my short stories online. Either by starting yet another blog, or maybe finding a place to publish them elsewhere. The latter would require some research first.

I’m undecided.

These and other things have been going through my head on some level last night, but instead of considering them, I’ve tried to push them away, because sleep seemed to be my priority.

That’s where you hit the buzzer that makes an unpleasant noise and shout “wrong”. Writing is my priority. Always.

There is a reason why I have yet to catch up on 70 hours of TV shows. I’ve made writing my priority above quite a few other things in the past year. Sleep and my day job have so far been the exception.

On that note, I thought today that I would much rather be learning other things than knowing more each day about the intricacies of the project my day job preoccupies me with. Namely, all those things I should be doing research for in order to write my next novel.

Okay, breathe.

One step at a time.


About 2clouds

I am many things, most of them I am 100%, some of them 150%, none of them just half. I write, I read, I dream, I travel. I question. And I'm always looking for answers. No dream is impossible.
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