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Speaking of reality

I decided to create my own page that I would use to direct potential clients to. As a freelancer, who’s officially earning money now, I need my own page. I have my blogs and I will keep all three of … Continue reading

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Between dreams and reality

You find yourself in a peculiar situation when you’re fulfilling your dreams. On one hand you’re obviously elated and excited, because you’re doing something that you’ve been wanting to do and/or have been working towards for a significant amount of … Continue reading


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Today the people marched. Last count I saw estimated 310,000 people in Manhatten alone. Among them Ban Ki Moon, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and countless celebrities such as Lucy Lawless, Evangeline Lilly, Leo di Caprio, … Continue reading

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In the jungle

I’ve spent a good chunk of this week trying to disentangle the mysteries of the freelancing jungle. And let me tell you, the information available on the interweb is vast. I have nothing to add but my own perspective. I’m coming … Continue reading

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Down memory lane into the future

I had one of those days. You know, the kind where memories keep cropping up left, right and center. Some were more recent than others. Riding in a car, looking out on passing landscapes does that to me. My mind … Continue reading

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