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Work vs work

One of my Christmas presents was an upgrade to my “old” laptop. I’ve had it for two years and it’s already pretty dated, which is somewhat ridiculous, but that’s today’s technology for you. It was getting so slow, however, as … Continue reading

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In the New Year everything will be different

That’s a very literal translation of something we say in Germany “Im neuen Jahr wird alles anders”. It’s actually the title of a satirical little book. But it’s something we say at the turn of the years and since this … Continue reading

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I was preparing lunch when my housemate came home and mumbled something that I didn’t make out right away. Then the sentence connected and it said: Alan Rickman… dead. What?! That had to be hoax. It couldn’t be true. It … Continue reading

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Never another one like him

When I first saw David Bowie come across my Tumblr dashboard this morning I thought it was about his birthday three days ago or the fact that he had just released his latest album. Soon it registered that people were … Continue reading

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