It’s an odd number, I find.

Not a number I associate with my age, but as of today that’s what it is. I’m fine with that. I don’t really care all that much, because I have no real concept of what that is supposed to mean. In the end it means something else for everyone.

When my parents were that age, their kids were 17 and 18 years old. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine having an 18-year old daughter.

In many ways it’s just another day. But on this day something still changes. Whilst we get older every minute of every day, it’s only on our birthday that we become aware of it. I suppose that’s why we pause and take stock – if we’re so inclined.

I’ve just moved countries again. Back home this time, sort of anyway. I’m in a new city and I’m pretty much by myself. I work from home. That’s not ideal to make new friends. But I’m not someone who tends to get lonely. I’m good and I’ll simply have to make an effort to meet people and eventually make new friends. I’m not that much of an introvert that I’m incapable of doing that.

For better or worse this will be a year of new beginnings for me. As far as 2016 goes it already has been.

I’m in a good place. I’m in a writing place, which is always good.

I’m starting to feel at home in my new apartment.

I want a dog again, a greyhound. It’ll be time for that sooner rather than later.

I’ve written so many new chapters of my life and I’m nowhere near done. This is the latest one and I’ll make sure it’ll be worthwhile remembering. When I left home 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey that I could not have imagined. It turned out to be the time of my life. That doesn’t mean the time of my life is over. It’ll just be different from here on in and I’m quite alright with that.

Many happy returns – to me.

And to you.


About 2clouds

I am many things, most of them I am 100%, some of them 150%, none of them just half. I write, I read, I dream, I travel. I question. And I'm always looking for answers. No dream is impossible.
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