You’ll find out most about me by reading this blog and its gazillion entries. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve never written anything in my “About” page. Never mind. I want to make the most of my blog, so here it is… this is me. This blog is a good part of me anyway.

A few things that are no secret and that you may wish to know to decide, if you want to follow me or not:

I am German, born in East Germany that no longer exists, as a state anyway, geographically it is, thankfully, still there.

I’m female. And gay, as in, I will never marry a man, if I will ever marry a woman remains to be seen.

I am a traveller and have lived in a number of countries around the globe. I’m currently situated in London, but that won’t be forever.

I’m an introvert as well, I’ve written on it a number of times. Most people, who work with me, wouldn’t necessarily believe it, but once you know me better, you realize this as well.

I’m a writer. A work in progress, if you will. I doubt I’ll ever be finished and I rather hope that I won’t. I’d much rather keep becoming.

90% of the time you will find that I am happy. Even when I am grumpy or my temperament, which I have lots of even as an introvert, because I am a special breed of introvert and feel passionately about a number of things, gets the better of me and I am angry, I am still not unhappy.

I’m a reader. Avid, tireless and, yes, passionate.

Everything else is detail.



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