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Dancing in the rain

That’s not an activity I usually engage in, but the weather has been such that we barely saw any sun lately and thus I found myself dancing in the rain at an Amy MacDonald concert. I’ve known about the concert … Continue reading

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Reading old journals

It messes with your mind. I just read through a notebook I kept in 2009. I lived in New Zealand then. I wrote some fanfiction. I wrote what are without a doubt writing prompts. Ramblings, mostly. A few journal entries … Continue reading

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Mother Nature

Simply but powerfully narrated by Julia Roberts. And chillingly true.

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Never another one like him

When I first saw David Bowie come across my Tumblr dashboard this morning I thought it was about his birthday three days ago or the fact that he had just released his latest album. Soon it registered that people were … Continue reading

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Look up

I saw this video yesterday for the very first time, though I’ve seen it around for a bit and have heard that it created quite a bit of buzz. Well, the viewing numbers on YouTube speak for themselves. Then I … Continue reading

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When in Doubt

Doubt and the feeling of “not being good enough” is a constant in every artists life. Anyone, who creates anything, does anything creative at all, knows this feeling. The standards I measure myself against are not applied by anyone else … Continue reading

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