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The opening up of a new chapter

It feels as if I haven’t written in forever. Certainly I have not posted anything new to this blog in quite some time. The stats page tells me I’ve written three posts this year. Last year that would have been … Continue reading

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Between dreams and reality

You find yourself in a peculiar situation when you’re fulfilling your dreams. On one hand you’re obviously elated and excited, because you’re doing something that you’ve been wanting to do and/or have been working towards for a significant amount of … Continue reading

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A constant battle

Doubt is one thing I will never be able to fully conquer. That is a good thing. It keeps me grounded and, hopefully, diligent. But on bad days it can be stifling. On bad days I want to abandon my … Continue reading

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In the mood for nothing

I’ve not written much since my last blog. My day job exhausted me to a point where I just wanted to walk out and not come back. At times I did not write on purpose, gestating instead, letting my thoughts … Continue reading

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When in Doubt

Doubt and the feeling of “not being good enough” is a constant in every artists life. Anyone, who creates anything, does anything creative at all, knows this feeling. The standards I measure myself against are not applied by anyone else … Continue reading

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Conversations between Me, Myself and I

Let’s admit it, we all talk to ourselves. There’s a constant narrative going on in my head. Being naturally wordy and inclined to tell stories, this may be more pronounced in my case. But I can’t speak to anyone but … Continue reading

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Day 1

I’ve written 3,036 words today. First day of NaNoWriMo and it’s a pretty decent start. No, I won’t be doing this on a daily basis, how boring would that be? I came home, uploaded my word count and got this … Continue reading

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