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The opening up of a new chapter

It feels as if I haven’t written in forever. Certainly I have not posted anything new to this blog in quite some time. The stats page tells me I’ve written three posts this year. Last year that would have been … Continue reading

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Between dreams and reality

You find yourself in a peculiar situation when you’re fulfilling your dreams. On one hand you’re obviously elated and excited, because you’re doing something that you’ve been wanting to do and/or have been working towards for a significant amount of … Continue reading

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Making a life

It shouldn’t need Maya Angelou to remind ourselves of the things that matter above all. Yet, memory is such a fickle thing. And life often gets in the way of living. Which means reminders are necessary. I am making a … Continue reading

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Now I am free

I bought my freedom yesterday. It takes the form of a round the world ticket. I will not be slave to the clock, not to rent payments or utility bills, not to a job that has to pay for those, … Continue reading

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A cluttered mind

I’ve written about warring desires not too long ago. But that was just about me having various dreams about various things that all await fulfilment at some point. My path, nonetheless, was laid out. Well, not anymore. A competing situation … Continue reading

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The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

We’re being told time and again how important it is to follow ones heart. I have said it time and again myself and I believe in it, with all my heart in fact. But it becomes difficult when the heart … Continue reading

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