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The opening up of a new chapter

It feels as if I haven’t written in forever. Certainly I have not posted anything new to this blog in quite some time. The stats page tells me I’ve written three posts this year. Last year that would have been … Continue reading

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One hundred years from now

It is 2014, one hundred years since the Great War swept across Europe. It wasn’t World War I then. Nobody could have ever conceived that there could be a second one. It was thought to be the “war to end … Continue reading

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Degrees of separation

You always, somehow inevitably, know someone who knows someone who knows someone, who… *insert anything* I just found out that I know someone who knows someone, who’s friends with people that have been affected horribly by MH17. That’s only three … Continue reading

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That old familiar place

We spend, on average, a third of our days at work. If we’re lucky enough to have a job. Not everyone is. We may not necessarily like that or the job, but we better get along with the people we … Continue reading

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Stolen time

This is a bit of a confession. Indulge me. I read this yesterday in an article I reblogged on Tumblr: “‘books are written with time stolen from other people’ (Paolo Bacigalupi? Anyway I heard it from him)”. It is true. … Continue reading

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