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Word by word

It’s time to get writing again. There’s not a day that I don’t write. But I write for my clients, not for myself. Except for the occasional thought that I scribble into a notebook or jot down using a memo … Continue reading

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At the tip of your tongue

Do you know that feeling? There is something trying to come out of you, a word, an idea, a concept. If it should be a word, perhaps a special term or a name, you will obsessively think on it until … Continue reading

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In the mood for nothing

I’ve not written much since my last blog. My day job exhausted me to a point where I just wanted to walk out and not come back. At times I did not write on purpose, gestating instead, letting my thoughts … Continue reading

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Idea hoarding

I have started writing a short story, maybe three. I still find myself procrastinating more than I would like to, but I am also making a huge effort to write whenever I can. I use all means and manners, my … Continue reading

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Where ideas come from

I believe it was Arthur Miller who said “I’d go there more often”when referring to the mystical place that gives birth to ideas. The truth is they come from everywhere. You just need to be receptive. There is neither trick … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice

Oh, and how do we finish that sentence? For some reason I decided to find the song of that same name on YouTube and listen to it. There are actually some good lyrics hidden behind that easy-going feel-good music. I … Continue reading

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