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Living dangerously

It is rather rare that you meet someone, hit it off right away and end up talking about life, the universe and everything. Surprisingly, none of the answers is 42. Unsurprisingly, the questions are legion. There are two ways for … Continue reading

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Personal Space

I value my personal space. Quite highly, actually. Considering that I am an introvert that’s probably not a surprise. Quiet and peace are where I can collect myself and even thrive. I hate crowds, but I can manage them when … Continue reading

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The opening up of a new chapter

It feels as if I haven’t written in forever. Certainly I have not posted anything new to this blog in quite some time. The stats page tells me I’ve written three posts this year. Last year that would have been … Continue reading

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Around the sun

In 365 days. I completed another one of those trips yesterday. My 35th turn, in fact. It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been around for such a long time already. The distance I have travelled on this planet through space … Continue reading

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Where to start?

See, I’m so full of thoughts and feelings right now that I don’t even know where to start. So I start with the question. Apparently studies show that introverts have “excitable amygdalas”. The amygdala belongs to the oldest part of … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever heard of the Myers-Briggs test, you’ll know what those letters stand for. For those of you who don’t, it means this: Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Judgment There are 16 different personality types, all comprising of four letters, but … Continue reading

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