Writing my life away

You know, this blog is pretty random. I started it to keep writing. In the beginning, I made sure to write as much as possible, talking about anything and everything.

Eventually, I worked on other projects and nowadays I write every day because that’s what I can now do for a living. So, this blog has taken a backseat.

Instead, I’ve been working on this blog:


First, I wanted to write about writing. Creative writing, mostly. But when I started this blog, I was also going through a major heartbreak. The worst one yet. And I knew that I’d end up writing about that as well.

I’ve done that much more than writing about writing, but I will get back to the primary purpose again and I am planning on also publishing works in progress and short stories there.

Every once in a while, I will post here as well, but mostly you’ll find me over at my new blog these days.