Eating healthy

This is the post I meant to write yesterday, but got side tracked yet again and so wrote something else on my latest obsession instead.

I was having a really nice salad last night that I had put together at Whole Foods. If one of those would be closer to me, I’d buy there any time. Since they’re pretty expensive, I’m still kinda glad there isn’t.

As I was eating that salad checking Facebook and whatnot, I was also thinking on what I should write about. Well, I decided to attack the topic of eating healthy.

I am a vegetarian. Fully converted a year and four months ago, almost five. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, though. And by fully converted I mean, that I had been eating very little meat (for some reason my first thought was actually “flesh”) for a long time before that.

My reasons for becoming a veggie were several, none of which matter right now, because being vegetarian does not automatically imply eating healthier. That is, in fact, the general assumption, but it is not correct.

Even a vegetarian can have filthy eating habits. If you live on fries, Doritos, cheese cake, muffins and soft drinks, you’re certainly not eating meat, but that doesn’t sound healthy to me either.

Eating healthy is quite a conscious choice. One has to make the decision to want to eat healthy, because nowadays that really doesn’t come natural to us anymore.

Too much sugar, or artificial sweeteners (which are so much worse in fact), preservatives, too much salt and all the junk that is thrown into what passes for food in our supermarkets these days, have confused our bodies so much, that they don’t know natural flavours, or the feeling of being sated after consuming a reasonable amount of food anymore.

It doesn’t matter which source on healthy eating you would like to check out online, they’re all agreeing on a few basics. And the most profound one is that most people don’t have the first clue a) what they actually eat and b) how to eat any differently.

Eating healthy requires a bit of an effort in the beginning. You’ll have to do your own research on what is good for you and what isn’t and buy according to your preferences. Mushrooms may be good for me, but I don’t like them, so I won’t buy them or use them in my cooking. I love broccoli, though, and could it all day every day.

There are many, many things to consider in putting together a healthy eating plan. I admit I usually just wing it. I don’t have a plan; I go with what I would like to eat any given day. I vary a lot, mind you, if not on a day to day basis at least on a weekly basis.

One should also not be afraid to try new things. How else would you know what else you might like? I tried cooking with Okra recently, because a friend once made a delicious meal with them on the side. Whilst I had no idea how she made them or what she spiced them with, mine turned out quite nicely and I really liked the meal I used them in.

Eating healthy means eating a lot of fruit and veggies. Try eating organic foods. They’re more costly, but I feel worth it. Not everything needs to be organic in origin, though, but again, do your own research.

You’re going to have to figure out what your body actually needs and in the beginning you may need to adjust a lot of habits, especially snacking.

My parents are a good example. When my Dad went to his GP at the beginning of the year, he was told his cholesterol levels are too high, so was his blood pressure and they wanted to check him for diabetes as well.

My Mom wouldn’t have any of that and decided that it was time for them to change their diet, not just temporarily, but permanently. It may have started out as your typical diet, but four months later it’s become a change of eating habits that is there to stay. My Dad lost 12 kg, my Mom probably half that. His cholesterol is what it should be and his blood pressure is normal as well. No meds needed at any stage.

Weight loss aside they feel much better about themselves and instead of indulging they’re treating themselves to a piece of cake or chocolate now, having given up on some foods altogether.

Eating healthy is not actually a hardship. And I’m not here to preach, because whatever anyone eats is none of my business, I’m just speaking out of experience.

The fact of the matter is, though, that obesity is not only at an all time high, but still rising. The effects on your body, metabolism and your psyche are pretty devastating and it doesn’t have to be that way. It may be the most preventable among those modern diseases that we’re afflicted with.

Eating healthy is necessary, if you want to take good care of yourself. So is exercise, whichever you choose.

But looking around sometimes, I have to wonder, if people are either just horribly mindless or truly hate themselves considering what they stuff themselves with.

Honestly, I don’t know many people, who eat mindful. And I’m talking as a rule, not because they have to, or because they’re on a three week diet.

Food for thought?


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